A Community of Trust in Family Law and Estate Planning

December 3, 2008

A Community of Trust

Moore Family Law works hard and long and carefully to build a community of trust with you, the Court, and the opposing party.  Trust is based upon:

  • Achieving results:  In some cases it’s necessary to give in on small points in order to prevail on large ones.  Sometimes you must accept temporary hardships in order to achieve the best results later on.  We work on your case under your direction; based on a strategy and a legal theory designed to do you justice in whatever conflict or problem you are involved in:  divorce, child custody battle, alimony and support payments. We will explain to you what we are doing and why and we will help you past the rough patches and complexities.


In our estate planning practice, we are versed in the powerful techniques of incapacity planning, wealth transfer planning and beneficiary protection. We are equipped to deal with the most straightforward estate plan as well as complex legacy planning involving the handicapped, a blended family, your will, trusts, durable powers of attorney and health care directives.  It’s a new and complex world in estate planning and we are well equipped to guide you through life’s transitions.


  • Acting with integrity:  If we cannot help you we will say so.  If what you want from us is not possible for us to deliver, we will tell you.  We will also work to provide you the best family law and estate planning legal advice of which we are capable.


  • Caring:  We know that you, our client, may be upset, angry and hurt; and justifiably so.  Sometimes it’s all rough patches.  We know that.  We also know that what works best is the careful application to your case of a ‘tough love’ attitude combined with an application of our knowledge of family law and estate law, our skills in litigation, our ability to work hard and our ability to work smart in advocating for your family’s future.


  • Communicating bad news as well as good:  Family law especially is built on concepts of equity and concern for the children involved.  This may mean that you get less than or different from what you want and even from what you actually need.  We will not hide this from you.  We will also work to achieve the best outcome practicable for you and yours.


Prevailing in your family law case, no matter how difficult; or drawing up the estate planning documents you need, no matter how complex; depends on establishing a community of trust between us.  We are confident we will prove worthy of that trust.



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