A New Person to Help You in Your Family Law Matters

January 19, 2009

Hello, Again, Tom Moore Here from Moore Family Law.

My blog today is about a happy event here at Moore Family Law in Plymouth, MN.  Just before Christmas last, we hired Barbara Hagberg to serve as our paralegal, focusing on your divorce, child custody, alimony and child support issues but also here for you should you engage our probate, trusts, and estates practice.

Barb has 25 years experience with the law, 21 as a paralegal /legal assistant.  Much of Barbara’s experience has been in litigation with the last 11 years in family law and about the same for her experience in probate, trusts, wills and estate law – in short Barb is strongly grounded in family law and in legacy planning.  We’re proud to have her aboard!  She is already proving to be a realy asset to our work, which is focused here in Hennepin and Wright Counties in the cities of Champlin, Maple Grove, Plymouth, and Minnetonka, MN.

Barbara Hagberg in Her Own Words

Here’s what Barbara has to say to you about her attitude towards our clients -and towards the difficult world we all inhabit.

“On my first day I knew I’d be happy here at Moore Family Law.  I will do the best job I can for the firm and for our clients.  I think we’re a good professional team here, I really do, and our firm has the right values.

“The economic financial stress has created a lot of stress for the family.  It’s a hard, tough world and there’s much more litigation because everybody wants to hang on to what they’ve got.  You have to tell your clients that a split has to be fair and equal.  You were once a family unit – one can’t walk away with everything and the other get nothing.  The division has to be fair and equitable to both parties.  It’s hard to convince some clients of that.

“I like to listen to people – their problems, their situations.  I don’t like to see our clients (or anybody for that matter) get hurt.  The process is supposed to be fair, and sometimes that’s the hardest thing to explain to people getting a divorce.”

Thank you, Barb; and again, welcome to Moore Family Law.

Service to You is Our Goal

Our family law and probate law goals with all our staff are to enhance what is never an easy experience for you, our clients.  Our goals in hiring Barbara are to provide:

  • MORE service without overkill – we have another head and another pair of hands, pair of eyes to help us help you
  • BETTER service by responding more swiftly and by going that extra mile that just may prove to be what it takes for your case to prevail
  • MORE ECONOMICAL service by providing some services at a paralegal billing rate rather than at the higher attorney rate.

Moore Family Law

Representing Your Family’s Future


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