Family Law Mission and Values

January 28, 2009

Moore Family Law Mission and Values




We help families in need create new futures.






  1. Every client is part of a family.  We consider every client to be part of an interconnected group of people called a family.  What happens to the client happens to the family.  We will provide legal services to our clients which are sensitive to the fact that those services will impact others in the family.
  2. Each case will be handled in a way that promotes our clients’ best interests as expressed by our client.
  3. We will not accept or maintain representation where a client acts manifestly against what we perceive to be in the best interest of our client.
  4. All matters will be handled with no unnecessary delays. 
  5. Every client should view their attorney as the person in the firm most intimately involved in their case.  Legal services should be delivered by attorneys with the help of support staff.  Support staff should be used to add value to services personally delivered by attorneys and to facilitate the business operations of the firm.

Billing shall be scrupulously honest and reflect value received by the client.




Links You Can Use During Your Divorce  


Divorce Source Minnesota Divorce Support Groups

Divorce, Custody & Family Law–Minnesota State Courts Self Help Center

Divorce Recovery Support Groups

Thank you for your attention.


Thomas Moore

Office Manager

Moore Family Law, P.A.

3350 Annapolis Lane North, Suite C

Plymouth, MN  55447

(763) 951-7330

Cell: (763) 245-4586

Fax: (866) 354-3531


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