Mothers Who Choose To Give Up Child Custody

July 31, 2009

Mothers Who Choose To Give Up Child Custody

This morning on the   Today show  they had a brief spot highlighting an article in Marie Claire focusing on mothers who choose to give up custody of their children.

Non Traditional Child Custody and Parenting Time

More and more often, I see non-traditional custody and parenting time arrangements in divorces.  Often, I talk to fathers who are afraid they won’t be able to have any kind of parenting time beyond every other weekend, and I have to do a lot of talking to convince them that 50/50 arrangements are not only possible, but common, and can even be healthy for children. 

Mothers Who Give Up Child Custody and Parenting Time

Perhaps more difficult to comprehend, however, is the situation where a mother chooses to accept a custody arrangement that gives the father more than her.  There are social expectations that a mother will be caring and nurturing, and that while the father goes off to work and visits the kids every other weekend, the mother will stay at home no matter what. 

Fathers Who Have Primary Child Custody

Sometimes, however, the best interest of the children is to give the father primary custody, with the mother exercising the “over other weekend” – or even every summer – parenting time.  The Marie Claire article looks at the families of three women, and why it was the right choice for them.

Child Custody, Parenting Time, Alimony, Child Support – What is Best for You?

The underlying message behind the idea that it’s ok for mother’s to not have primary custody?  It’s that there is NEVER one right solution for every family.  What is right for YOUR family is not necessarily what is right for the Joneses down the street or the Gosselins on the television.  It is more important to figure out what is right for your family and best for YOUR children, than it is to worry about what people not in your family are going to think about it. 

Emily Matson

Moore Family Law


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