Child Custody, Divorce, and Mediation

August 9, 2009

Child Custody, Divorce, and Mediation

 First of all, my thanks to Carol Vander Kooi for the ideas in this blog.

The Right of First Refusal and the First Option to Care

 I was in a mediation recently with a mediator, and we were discussing what is traditionally called (by us lawyers) the “right of first refusal”, that is commonly put into custody agreements to allow parents to be the primary daycare resource.  She noted that the language we use for this parenting option does not support a stated goal that both parents be equally vested in the lives of their children.  She suggested that we should call it the “First Option to Care”.  

In Family Law, Mean What You Saw and Say What You Mean

I like this idea.  I would recommend that when looking for a family law attorney for your divorce or child custody place, you find a lawyer who insists on plain speaking and who insists that you understand what’s going on with your case.  It’s important that our language reflect our intentions. 

Here’s a link to some useful information regarding  mediation in Minnesota. 

Family Law, Mediation, Divorce, and Child Custody

Topics covered include:

Mediation a cost-effective strategy in a divorce or child custody matter. 

Mediation is less stressful for children in a divorce

Especially  when compared to a court battle in the course of a divorce.

 Mediation is confidential,

 Unlike most family court matters.

What  happens in a divorce or child custody mediation cannot be used in family court.                  

Mediation promotes communication during a family law matter. 

 Mediation focuses on the future to guide and inform your divorce action. 

No matter what happens to the marriage, parents can still stay partners, in a new family arrangement, for the children. 

Mediation is also available to resolve problems after the divorce is final.

  Jennifer Moore

Moore Family Law, P.A.

Plymouth,  MN


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