Good News For Families: Economy May Be Improving!

March 12, 2010

By Emily Matson, Family Law Attorney

The Trend Towards A Better Economy

According to a recent study by Forbes, the Minneapolis metro area is the 4th in a list of a cities where the recession is “easing.” In an analysis by Yahoo!, this means we can expect our job markets to grow, and our housing crisis to slow.

Why This Trend Matters to You

These kinds of trends are interesting in a large scale view of the world, but in the practical, personal details of your life, trends don’t necessarily translate to changes in your life.

However, trends might change how you look at your future. This might give you hope when you’ve been starting to give up on ever selling your house or finding a better job. This might give you more options if you’re looking at making a change in your family situation. Perhaps this will give you and your partner the financial stability you need to focus on your relationship, and possibly to recognize that now you have the financial ability to move on in separate directions.

Regardless of your personal situation, I hope this bit of news brightens your day at least a little.


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